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Business coaching success should be measured by tangible results.

Here are some examples of the incredible things business owners have achieved while working with RochfordCOACH Business Coaching (business type in parentheses):

  • Grew sales 98% and gross profits by 4 times (Transportation)
  • Reduced operating costs 50% without impacting service delivery or quality (Consumer Service)
  • Improved gross profit dollars 17% in face of 14% sales decline in a weak market (Distributor)
  • Improved commissions 30% in one year (Insurance)
  • Implemented a unique service offering to grow sales in a commodity-type professional service business (Professional Practice)
  • Increased revenue per customer 44% (Consumer Service)
  • Achieved new customer acquisition goals through cross-sell and referral building strategies (Financial Services)
  • Improved print advertising to increase traffic 100% (Retail)
  • Grew sales 64% in 2 years through capacity management (Consumer Services)
  • Hired valued team members for positions in sales and customer service  (Various Businesses)
  • Implemented a website with unique keywords that delivers high margin lead opportunities (Insurance)
  • Introduced plans, policies and programs to become the second company in the State to achieve prestigious industry certification (Consumer Services)
  • Initiated e-mail marketing campaign to drive repeat business and enhance brand image (Retail)
  • Introduced new products to expand customer base (Manufacturing)
  • Implemented an innovative market expansion strategy to deliver profits with low investment risk (Retail)
  • Implemented revenue source and lead tracking that improved the marketing investment mix  (Consumer Service)
  • Implemented TV ad campaigns that positively impact customer count and establish brand image to a specific segment (Retail)
  • Established sales activity goals and tracking that lead to record new business activity (Professional Practice)
  • Reduced Accounts Receivable by 33% (Business Services)
  • Improved expense management so that a previously money losing business ran in the black during an economic downturn (Distributor)

Positive results like these are possible in your business!

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