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What is RochfordCOACH Business Coaching?

It is a face-to-face mentor program that is customized to you and your business.
The goal of our business coaching is simple - to improve your business so that
it improves your life.  It involves setting goals, establishing plans, selecting
business strategies and measuring results.  It will improve your focus and
increase your effectiveness. You will be exposed to new ideas and ways of
thinking that drive results in your business.

How does it work?

We work together on all things that can be improved in your business -
marketing, sales, operations, systems, finance and team.  The Coach also
rolls up his sleeves where it can help move things along.  Coaching sessions
are typically delivered in one on one working meetings - weekly or bi-weekly
- scheduled at an opportune time.  The Coach can also interact with your
team to obtain input and/or train in things like sales, customer service or
other skills areas.

Who benefits the most from business coaching?

Business owners and key executives that are on the road to success
...you will get there faster.

What types of business work with RochfordCOACH?

All types - business or consumer services, retail, professional practices and
manufacturing companies have all benefited from our coaching.  Customers,
products and delivery methods change from business to business (and are
quickly learned) but the basics of business success do not.

How long do you have to sign on with RochfordCOACH?

Our engagements are on a month to month basis - no long term contracts. 
That said; do not engage unless you want improvement with long term
staying power. 

When is the right time to start with RochfordCOACH?

Now! (You didn't expect a different answer did you?) - Why wait for more

Contact us and schedule a complimentary, no obligation meeting to
discuss your business challenges. Regardless of the outcome of that meeting- you
will receive several good ideas on how you can improve your business.

Jim Seated
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