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Stop Talking and Listen

The other night I was at a Chamber of Commerce event.  I introduced myself to a younger man and woman whom I did not recognize.  The man said that he was a new employee of one of the member organizations involved in community relations and sales.  He then I asked what I did and I happily replied in 15 – 20 seconds.  I then stopped and asked him to describe to me in more detail what his job entailed.  What happened next should be a reminder to all of us networkers.  The man turned and looked at his female friend and said “My isn’t that refreshing!  I have been to several of these types of events and everyone is …” as he made a hammering gesture with his hands. We laughed and had a conversation that could end up in an opportunity for either one of us down the line.

The age old, but never quite learned lesson is that selling is more about questions and listening than talking.  Everyone says they get it … but they don’t.